Ever since I began hearing about the world Worldview, I got interested about the subject.

Ideas really matter.

How we understand ideas and how they penetrate communities and society can bring transformation to them. The transformation can be good or bad.

It all depends on the implications of those ideas.

Looking in the world today, there are several ideas flowing around. These ideas are traveling from community to community. They are carried by books, songs, stories, religions, movies, music, films, lectures, speeches, newspapers, blogs, websites, tweets, forum, phone calls, chats, conversations, any way that human interaction happens.

Every way of communication we are carrying our worldview, how we see the world, and how we can observe and understand the world around us.

This is fascinating. How different cultures understand the world in a different way.

As I travelled the world, I began to see how different people react and see the reality of the world. This is all comes from the way they understand that is real, what is reality and how we can or cannot interact with the world to change it or not.

Please join me in this journey to see the world, and the ideas that are prevailing in the world today.

Be my guest !