The need for worldview-Why worldview is so important to understand our world today

The need for worldview-Why worldview is so important to understand our world today

We’re living a very interesting time in the world today.
There are many situations where people don’t really understand why things are changing and the society is getting so different compared to what it used to be.
Things seems to be out of control. Divorce rates and abortion numbers are skyrocketing, gay marriage, gay pastors, churches being forced to marry gay couples, drug abuse, radical muslins promoting terror in the world today, Christians being bashed as intolerant, homophobic bigots. Advances in technology and embryonic research are pushing the limits of life sciences, bioethics are being on the spot for using technology for human enhancements, advances of science are reaching the fine line of ethics and the development of a new human race, humans 2.0. Food industry is manipulating genes for creating a new realm of products, that not necessarily are healthy and may cause unattended consequences. Companies with lobbies manipulate laws that are not intended to bring benefit to the people but to protect the revenue to the select group of shareholders.
Most of the problems today comes down to the understanding of a word worldview.
It will shape what we understand as right and wrong, how we choose the products we purchase from the shelf’s grocery store and the candidates we vote during election day. It’s all around us and we can’t deny nor we can’t live without being conscious about what is going on.
The basis of a society are expressed in the worldview of the community. The worldview is expressed in the arts: music, architecture, literature, sculpture, movies, painting, these are all expressions of the thinking  ideas of each worldview.

The movie Avatar released in 2009 directed by James Cameron tells the story of the battle between two groups : The military/corporate business driven embodied by the Colonel Miles Quaritch  who is willing to use technology and military weapons to conquer Pandora and collect the precious mineral unobtanium under the planet, on the other side the people of Pandora, the Na’vi the native people of pandora, who are being portrayed as most of animistic communities from native tribes of Africa and South America, people who believe in the “spirit of a tree” that possesses  supernatural power to control the forces of the universe and is connected to people by their tail where they can “hear voices” from the ancestors.
The movie portrays the most prominent worldviews today and something interesting in the movie is that it shows how the scientists are more into the spiritual realms of the native people, being more attracted to the non scientific evidences of the native culture. A sense of today’s trend in being tolerant and promote and value native cultures.  Some believe that evil spirits control everything and humans are to please them by offering food, animal sacrifices or even human sacrifices in order to make peace with the spirits.
Others don’t think spirits exist at all. The ultimate reality is what there is in the material realm today, here and now. No after life, no “eternal life”. What we do here in this life, stays here, and death is the end of if, period. The outcome of this life, can lead into an idea of despair and hopelessness, why live, if there is no purpose. On the other hand, the outcome can be just enjoy life, as much as you can, eat, drink because tomorrow we will die. There is no need for goodness, no need to care for the future, let’s enjoy and maximize pleasure.
In order to capture what people think about life, about the future we must listen to the  music of young generation, watch their movies, read their novels, sit on their theaters.
There is a third option, not based on Philosophy, not based on intellectual thinking, not based on witchdoctors, but based on a set of presuppositions, that promote life, that bring hope and purpose for the future. It began being unfolded to a particular tribe, the Hebrews. Their history can be found in a book that survived centuries of wars and disputes. The book sparked so many revolutions and reformations, it provided scientific advances like the Printing Press, promoted education for the poor people, gave the framework of different societies, but more than anything it brought into light a kind of Worldview that provided the most advances and created the most wealth in human history, the Christian Biblical Worldview.
From the Bible, the ancient jews, formed the basic understanding of the God, mentioned in the Book. I has been one of the very first book ever printed using movable metal types according to Wikipedia
. Bible Scholars and Jewish Rabbis, extracted from the book their understanding about the nature and the Character of God, how Jews were suppose to live, the values they should carry as a community and as a nation. Their sense of hope and future, in times of adversities and situations where they were in exile or being captured after disobeying God’s commands. From the deep study and understanding of the scriptures, they developed a sense of “pride” that shaped their identity as a people and allowed them to survive multiples of attempts to kill and eliminate the jewish people. With the advent of Jesus Christ, in history, the promises of God were fulfilled and in Christ, a new era began. A new kingdom was brought into existence, that John the Baptist began proclaiming in the deserts of the promised land. In Jesus, all the ancient prophecies about the Messiah came to fulfillment and He began a new kingdom, that we are still living and walking into existence. Being recognized as the One, the messiah, the converted Jews began the fulfilment of the new kingdom. The apostle Paul was one of the best scholars to connect the dots of the old testament and began paving the way for the development of the new testament. Out of 27 books, Paul wrote probably 14 of them giving us the understanding and clarification of the impersonation of Jesus as the son of God to the early followers of Jesus. And It began the development of Christian Faith. From this on, the history tells the advances and developments of human knowledge but the understanding of God and his view of the world, allowed the development of Western World that created much of what we understand of “modern society today”. From the Biblical Worldview, we inherit the development of science and technology, time management, literature, healthcare, private property, laws, ethics, freedom and liberty that is so important in the development of free societies and fight back the tyranny of dictatorship regimes and forms of control that were so detrimental to the development of modern societies. As we see the lost of the absolute values that were once part of the core values of Western Societies, we see the disintegration of what once was the source of freedom and liberty that are still around but can be overshadow by a wave of anger and hate that is coming forth again with the advances of extremist groups, either to the more conservatives or the more radical islamic regimes. It’s important that we look back to the past and return the the values that were once part of the DNA of Western Civilization and bring back to the light, make goodness fashionable and admirable again, and we can pursue the virtues and the values that can lead into a future with hope and prosperity. Not based on a triumphant gospel, but in the promises that the God who created everything gave to his own people called by His name so we can build His kingdom and bring glory to Him.

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February 15, 2017 at 10:29AM
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