Transforming worldviews

Transforming worldviews

There was a man in a journey, he was a very strong opposed to new ideas. He was the establishment and knew from the beginning to the end what was like to be a jew. 
His name was Saul. 
Ferociously was going after the group of people who were saying that this guy Jesus was the messiah, and he being a man, was the son of God. 
Being strong in his convictions, Saul was one of the most prominent religious leaders asking authorization to exterminate and destroy the followers of Jesus Christ. 
He was in the beginning of a persecution journey. 
But something really strange happen to him. 
The Bible tells his journey in the book of Acts. where  he faced a supernatural encounter with the one he was persecuting. 
Jesus himself showed to him and presented as the one he was persecuting. 
Saul fell on the floor. Not sure if he was on a horse or not, but his is not important. What really matters is that he saw something, or someone, and after that encounter, he was blind. He couldn’t understand what happened to him or why. 
He was going to Damascus, to execute orders of extermination and persecution to people. Now he was unable to walk by himself. Lost his sight and wasn’t able to think straight whatever happened to his life. 
The story of the conversion of Paul, is an example of someone’s changing their worldview. 
He grow up as a Jew, studied the whole Old Testament and was very well educated, one of the best of his kind. HIs thinking was very Jew and his understanding of Life came from the Judeo Worldview. God is the one true God and fulfilling the law and following the law was the way to be faithful to God and have success in life. 
As he heard and was confronted with the new group of people, the ones who called themselves “Christians” after the guy name Jesus Christ, the messiah, he saw a threat to their Jewish belief system eventually to their whole community as a group. 
Their very identity as a people was being challenged by this guys who were claiming that Jesus is the son of God and he has the power to forgive sins and perform miracles. He didn’t follow the model that was sin operation at the time. His followers were not scholars, but instead, a bunch of ragamuffins uneducated, unqualified people who were going after the teachings of their master. They didn’t followed the law, didn’t followed the hierarchy of the temple and besides all that, were extending the kingdom of God to people who didn’t follow the Jewish Law. 
The very core of his belief system was shaken and he was ready to kill and destroy the ones after this lunatic. 
But the encounter with their leader himself changed everything. His core beliefs were changed. He faced the lunatic. He saw in a supernatural encounter the one who they were talking about. He didn’t read a book. He didn’t read a panfleto. But he met face to face the leader of the “new religion”. 
In my mind, I think that encounter shook his very core of beliefs. He had to go back to scripture and reconnect the dots that he knew by heart. 
The law, the prophets, his whole life had to be reexamine to make sense to him. 
He went back to tarsus until Barnabas reach out to him to bring him to the missionary trips he made to bring the message of Jesus to the world. 
This account show that is possible to someone to change their beliefs. In the case of Paul, he radically changed from a zealous jew to the most defensor of the Christian Faith. It took him a lot ! he lost his reputation, positions, carreer, but as he said himself, he was all that as vain when he saw the importance of preaching the treasures and the truth about Christ. 
They were outside of the covenant God had made with the jews
Gentiles and jews are united as the people of God in Christ Jesus
the rite through which males became part of Israel, an exclusive community of God’s chosenpeople
he now believe that neither circumcision nor uncircumcision means anything, but the new creation is what counts in the sight of God. this new creation is a work of Christ in the life of the believers, making them part of the church, an inclusive community of Jews and Gentiles reconcile with God throughout faith
Violent persecution to the church to be indication of his zeal for his religion
now believed that Jewish hostility towards the church was sinful opposition that would bring God’s wrath. He was stopped by Christ himself and his zeal that he persecuted the church was out of ignorance and had received Mercy from God. 
Last days
believed that God’s messiah would put an end to age of evil and initiate a new age of righteousness
he now believed this would happen in stages that had begun with the resurrection of Jesus, but the old age would continue until Jesus Returns.
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