Companies Attack Dakota Pipeline ruling

Companies Attack Dakota Pipeline ruling

A big dispute is going on for the approval of the construction of a  1,200 miles pipeline to carry crude oil crossing four states. One of the sections of the pipeline is planed to run under Lake Oahe, at the Missouri River in Standing Rock and a group of native american Sioux Tribe have been protesting for months. 
The protesters fear that the pipeline may contaminate the drinking water and cross over sacred burial sites. 
The companies involved in the project :Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics are  attacking the white house for this project after US army Corps of Engineers refused to grant the construction permit, they are saying that the decision has a political interference. The community of Sioux Native Americans are celebrating the decision coming from the Obama Administration. 
However the elected president Donald Trump has some stocks of the companies involved in the issue and analysts are speculating if the new president will rever the decision or not. 
This issue shows the battle between two completely different  worldviews, one side with the companies who are willing to invest and create a route for crude oil and provide a way to transport oil in a lower price and willing to take the risk of contaminating the drinking water for the communities living in the surroundings. 
On the other side the Native Americans, holding on the preservation of rivers and lakes, and the tradicional burial sites that are considered sacred to their culture. 
The tension between the two are very tangible and expresses the interests of predominant views of the world. 
One considers the earth a source of resources to be explored and to provide jobs and financial benefits. The Native Americans are concerned about the preservation of natural resources and their cultural ancestry sites. 
Advance and Technology versus Tradition ad preservation. 
Who wins the battle ? 
It seems to me that this battle will take longer than just reports and legal battles. It’s more an issue of what is cultural appropriate and what will look good to the public. 
I hope that the decision makers will evaluate the impact in the environment of this project, not delegating the decision to the decision in the courts, but come to an agreement that takes into consideration the most affected people, the people living close to the pipeline in case it causes an environmental accident. More and more the issues of environmentalism and cultural preservation is taking more room in the media that used to be. 
The companies involved have to be very careful not to cause any damage to their public image and at the same time seek for the best interest of the country, not just their side. 
I believe that the American society can come to an agreement to what is best for the benefit of the people. Both sides of it, not just one group of people. 

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December 05, 2016 at 02:05PM
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