Global Affairs – Brazil

Global Affairs – Brazil

This sunday another big protest took Brazilian population out of their homes to go the streets to protest against corruption. 
This week on the very same day that the country was still mourning the tragedy  that took place in Colombia when an airplane crash killed 71 people, the Brazilian Congress the lower house approved a bill that began as 10 initiatives against corruption. The text was later altered to become an institutionalization of corruption. One of the points was to give the people being accuse the power to use the law and making the prosecutors as guilty of abusing their authority to go after the accusers. 
That infuriated the Brazilian population. They approved the bill very late at night, not giving anybody the chance to discuss or protest against it. All the Deputees from the Working party as well as the ones from the Actual Government Party PMDB voted yes to the bill. 
As the Brazilians woke up the next morning the were shocked with then news and the judiciary stood up agains the bill, alerting the population of what could become the worst evidence in Brazilian History in legalizing corruption. 
In the next days the president of the senate tried to approve the law in a rush but was stopped by a group of senators that were agains the bill. Giving the society a few more days to discuss and understand what was going on. 
The Judge that is after the “car-wash operation” Sergio Moro was granted a hearing in the senate to give his opinion and the opinion of the majority of the Government officials working in the operation that has been arrested the majority of the Construction Companies in Brazil. Not only them, but also the former president of the Congress, two former ministers , two former governors of the State of Rio, the CEO of the largest investment bank and the top executives of Brazilian Oil Company Petrobras are all in jail. 
The bill brought a great hopeless among the society and the judges called the population to go to the streets to protest against corruption. 
The Car Wash Operation was also granted an award from Transparency International as a prize to fight corruption. 
The society is watching a fight between one side the politicians that has been always ruling with the law on their side with the idea that they can rule the law according to their own interests, and on the other side the Judiciary system trying to make sure that the Law is applied to all citizens including the people in the government. The rule of Law is making history in Brazil as they are making sure that the law is applied as it has to be. 
The population is watching all this and wants corruption to end and is willing to engage with the rest of the authorities to make sure that the country will overcome this situation. 
Demonstrations of this sunday show that the population is no longer willing to accept the ruling of the governments, but is willing to see the ruling of the law to become reality in the government and in the all the spheres of life. 
I hope that the Brazilian population would be willing to change their view of politics and be willing to engage and be part of the process that they are part of. Not just to seek for their won interests but to seek for the interests of the whole Brazilian society. 

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December 04, 2016 at 03:45PM
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