Class Report

Class Report

Science and Religion has been a great debate. Some people see science as a threat against religion, not my friend Derek Kirbow, a great scientist with a great passion for teaching and with a tremendous potential.
He spoke this week to our school of Humanities and Science and he as able to demystify the area of science and walked us through the steps of the scientific method. 
What stood out for me was the importance the western world in the development of good science. 
Today we see many instances where scientist have not being honest in publishing their results, being influenced by the interests of the groups who funded the research. It’s important to have integrity like everything else and the consequence in doing good science can lead to live instead of death. 
This week I had the privilege to watch a good friend Derek Kirbow to share his knowledge and his understanding of Science with a group of students in the school Humanities and Science. The teaching was very interesting because Derek was able to show the participants that Science is everywhere and we are all involved in this matter. Whether we’re aware or not, we are all immerse in science and it is something that we are all affected. Science allows people to learn and understand the phenomenal that happens around the world and also to provide a great amount of knowledge that can help mankind to improve and deal with problems. 
The scientific method is very useful to help problems to be solved and to be able to find the solutions needed in the many problems in the world. 
Derek was also able to share how Science is being addressed in the University of the Nations as we develop teachings in the areas of FEWS:
Water and
It was interesting to see how the subjects are connected to one another and how we have to secure a few basic thing before we begin addressing more problems like property rights, or emotional problems. 
I was very surprised to discover during the lecture that Cristopher Columbus was not necessarily looking to prove that the earth was flat but was actually going to India as a Missionary of Christian Faith, as we read in his journals. 
Derek also addressed a tool for assessment based on SWOT
– an internal good assed that we have and we have control over it. 
Weakness – internal lack of something, knowledge, skill, information, but we can fix it. 
Opportunities – external scenario that we can picture ourself living or experiencing to be able to try the experiment
Threatens – external scenario that can damage or stop the process/project that we are working on. 
Looking at those elements, will make a plan to implement something/someone in a more better way. The plans will not predict every movement but can make the project better prepared for circumstances or situations that will lead us to success and avoid problems. Or at least will make us more prepared when circumstances occur. 
To me it was very interesting to see how Christianity and Science can walk together and make room for the development of good science and improve the lives of many people. From the Biblical perspective not necessarily just for the sake of getting famous and rich, but getting to the roots of the problems and giving glory to God.

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December 04, 2016 at 04:00PM
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