Chapecoense plane crash

Chapecoense plane crash

This week the world woke up with a bitter taste in everybody’s mouth. This past Monday evening, an airplane from the charter company LaMia carrying a whole Brazilian soccer team and 22 journalist crashed when they were arriving in Medelin Colombia where they were heading for a game. 
The team was conquering steps towards a great campaign in South American Soccer Tournament. They have been in a  successful ascendence as they climbed from lower categories towards the higher level of professional soccer. 
The airplane crashed close to the airport in Medelin Colombia killing 71 people, only 6 people survived. The Brazilian bodies were sent back to Brazil and the collective funeral was held today (sunday) at the home stadium of the team Chapecoense, in Chapeco south of Brazil. 
The media is now spreading the news that the aircraft didn’t have enought fuel to arrive to the final destination. 
The team was supposed to flight from Brazil to Colombia, but they flight from Brazil to Bolivia  on a comercial flight. Then they took the aircraft in Santa Cruz and then went straight to Medelin. Apparently they could have stopped in Cobija, at the border between Bolivia and Brazil but was aborted since the airport did not operate at night. Another point for refueling was Bogota but again, the flight went straight to Medelin. 
As the aircraft approached the airport, they were informed that they have to wait as there was another aircraft requesting emergency to land. The flight went in circles as they have to wait to land. An audio conversation between the plane and the traffic controller revealed that the pilot asked how much time they have to wait and then he went on requesting help as they had an electric problem followed by the note that they had no fuel. 
Now more evidences are showing up that the aircraft was warned they didn’t have enough fuel to complete the trip, and the authorities are collecting all the evidences from the Black Box and the other recordings from the communication with the flight controllers to find the real cause of the accident. 
This all happened in a very unusual day in Brazil. On the very same day when the world was still shocked with the news, the Brazilian Congress voted a law that could allow politicians that have been prosecuted for corruption to be free from their charges. 
That in itself created a tremendous turmoil in the Brazilian Society, generating more heat and discomfort in the minds of the Brazilian Citizens. 
The accident is now coming to a point where the evidences is pointing to the bad decisions that has been made that  lead to the death of 71 people leaving behind widows, orphans, brothers and sisters, parents and friends without their beloved ones. All the society was touched by the tragedy. 
Authorities are now in a very delicated position. The population does not trust them and the president does not know how to handle the situation. He is tryign to hide and become invisible, but the population rejection towards him is getting worst. 
The society has to come together to help the mourning for those who lost their beloved ones, and keep trusting that there is hope for the future  in spite of all the decisions made to institutionalize corruption. 

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December 04, 2016 at 01:52PM
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