Islamic State group claims Ohio State University rampage

Islamic State group claims Ohio State University rampage

This monday at Ohio state University was in the news, a man attacked people with his car and stabbed others. In total 11 people got injured and one of them in critical condition. 
The attacker was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan of 18 years old apparently a Somali Refugee descent and was a student at the campus and was a student of Logistics Management in the College of Business at Ohio State University. According to eye witnesses Artan came driving with his car and hit a few people in the walkway. As the people came to check if he was ok, he left his car and began stabbing people with a knife. 
An officer who happened to be in the area responding for a call about gas, saw the action and immediately shot him to death. Four people are still in the hospital. 
The Radical Muslin group Islamic State claimed today tuesday that Artan was one of his “soldiers” but the police is still investigating if this is true or not, but a Representative from the Democratic Party said that some muslin’s have been self-radicalised, implying that they haven’t been recruited by the IS but have voluntarily embraced their cause. 
The BBC news mentioned that Artan had wrote on his Facebook page that Americans are creating a hostile environment for muslins living in USA and being restricted of practicing their religion. 
It seems to me that this is creating a lot of fear and an environment of mutual distrust between muslins and americans. There is a fear that the Somali refugee community will be seen as a danger to the american communities and it can create animosity and tensions. 
I hope that the American Society will be able to handle these situations in a way that won’t spread hatred and disunity but provide a way to create an environment of unity and peace between the population. 
From the last election, the president Trump used some language that was creating prejudice and hatred towards immigrants and refugees. 
There is an urgent need to unity and peace so people can live in security and in an environment that there is freedom of religion and freedom from terrorist attacks. 

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November 29, 2016 at 04:46PM
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