Finland become the first Contry to Ban coal use for energy

Finland become the first Contry to Ban coal use for energy

Coal energy has been used as a source of energy since the Industrial Revolution that sparkled the development of England and much of the western world since 18th century. 
Since year 2000 China has been one of the largest extractors of Coal surpassing USA, India, Australia and Indonesia all together. 
The government of Finland is considering banning the use of Coal for energy by 2030. The country has invested heavily in renewable energy sources since 2012, almost doubling the wind power capacity the year after. Today coal is responsible for only 8% of the demand of Nation’s energy. Other countries are also joining efforts to phase out the use of coal in order to reduce the carbon emissions: UK, Austria and the Netherlands, Canada and France (will shut down all coal plants by 2023). In the US, the State of Oregon has decided to ban the use of coal by 2035. 
As more countries decide to phase out the use of coal, it may generate momentum to encourage others to join the movement as well. 
In the Long run, the more countries adopt the decision, the more other nations will follow and the global impact will eventually reduce the usage of coal and emission of carbon into the atmosphere. 
That can make significant contributions to revert climate change. 
The use of renewable energy sources as well as the development of new technologies to extract and harvest energy from renewable sources, will allow the shift of the energy market into a more sustainable era in the energy market. 
This shift will create new opportunities for the development of renewable energy sources and will provide a framework where more sustainable energy sources can be used to provide energy for communities. 
I see this as a way to improve how technology is being used to provide better stewardship of the planet in general, as the solution will be reduced and renewable energy be encouraged by the most developed countries. These are the primary consumers of energy in the world. As they set the tone for the global market, they can pave the way for other countries to follow the way in being more sustainable and provide better solutions that will provide more clean energy initiatives. 

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November 28, 2016 at 05:51PM
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