One week later another minister off in Brazil

One week later another minister off in Brazil

One week after the Minister of Culture resign from the office in Brazil, the other part involved in the  scandal resigned from his position, this is the sixth since the beginning the government. 
Again at Friday the Minister Geddel Vieira Lima resigned from his position as Secretary of Government. This decision came after his staying at the government became a liability to the government, after being accused of using his position for personal gain. 
The previous week, Marcelo Calero resigned and accused Ex Minister Geddel to request a “Personal Favor” for the allowance of a construction permit for an apartment in Salvador where Geddel owned one of the units. 
This week, after the resignation, Marcelo Calero shared with the Brazilian Federal Police some audio tapes he did himself between the two and also with the President Michel Temer. The situation became much bigger than before, now not only the two ministers are in investigation, but the president is also involved. 
Today the president came to the media to announce that he and the president of the senate and the lower house made an agreement to stop the approval of a bill that would decriminalize laundry money and irregular donations for elections. That created a huge wave of protests among Brazilians and the president also menitoned that the taping was innapropriate. 
From this past weeks, the government demonstrates once again that is very fragile and having to navigate with caution and consciousness in order to keep the order. 
But again, this situation of Brazilian Government demonstrates how the leadership of the Brazilian Politicians are still seeking for personal favors using the public sector. 
The two ministers come from two different view of public life. One that believes that is called to serve the nation. 
The other believes that the nation is there to serve him.
Brazil needs the first type of minister.  

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November 27, 2016 at 04:49PM
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