Teenager ask to freeze her body

Teenager ask to freeze her body

This week in England, an interesting case took the news: a 14 years old teenage girl won the supreme court case in London to get her body frozen cryogenically preserved after she died of cancer with the hope that she can be resurrected in the future.
She died in October and was transported to US to be stored there.
According to the Judge the case was not about the preservation of her body but about the dispute between parents over the disposal of the girls’ body. The decision was supported by the mother, but not by the father, who divorced the mother and had no contact with the girl for 6 years before she became ill.
This news shows a very interesting point that is being raising up after the development of science. Some people believe and claim that in the future with the development to health treatment, scientists will be able to break the barrier of death and bring people back to life. According to the current state of science, no evidence whatsoever has been proved to be able to bring death living cells back to life.
 In this case, the patient was suffering of a strong cancer disease making it more difficult.
The procedure costed the family  approximately US 46000 to preserve the body indefinitely. The body has to be prepared for the procedure, the body fluids have to be replaced by an anti freezing liquid and then transported from United Kingdom to The Storage Facility in the United States of America.
This event demonstrates how people are trusting in science for the resurrection of their bodies, without any scientific prove or evidence that this will work someday in the future. As for now, it seems to be a great source of  money, as people has put their trust in the “hope” that someday in the future, scientists will be able to provide resurrection procedures for those who are dead.
But what happens to the soul of the individual ? Will it preserve the memories of the dead person ? If this is possible, will the person and memories will be bring back to life ?
The subject should be submitted to a council of bioethics groups, and be discussed with society.
Personally I don’t believe that science alone will be able to provide the means to resurrect life. To this day, it is still a great mystery for science the understanding  of what makes us alive. The idea that human beings are just machines, the belief that reality is just here and now, and science has all the elements to unveil the secrets of life, is a reflection of a secular humanistic worldview that is part of the system that is behind the selling of the services of the company.
The biblical Worldview gives a concrete view of life and according to the Biblical Worldview, those who follow Christ will be in the future have their bodies resurrected from the death. A different body that will no longer suffer from death or decay, but will be eternal.
The idea that science will one day be able to perform resurrection of bodies is to transfer the power of Jesus Christ, to science. Jesus after he was death, was able to conquer death and return back to life. By doing so, he reversed the course of history, opening the door for the resurrection and restoration of God’s original purpose to the universe, including humans.
My opinion, about this case, I’m very skeptical with the capacity of science in bringing life back from death and I see this as a great way to collect money and create a fake hope from the advances of science to make people invest large amounts of money into something that has not evidence that it will work.
Basically people are being in something they don’t really know. But they are trying to prove that they can  pay their way to eternity.

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November 21, 2016 at 02:25AM
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