Brazilian Minister of Culture Resigns after pressure from Another Cabinet for personal gain

Brazilian Minister of Culture Resigns after pressure from Another Cabinet for personal gain

Last Friday the Minister of Culture from The Brazilian Government Marcelo Calero resigned after being pressured by another Cabinet member, Geddel Vieira Lima to use his position to benefit his personal affairs. Geddel Vieria Lima has personally invested in a luxury development project but it affects a historic preservation area of the City of Salvador. Geddel pressured the Minister of Culture Marcelo Calero to allow the construction permit for the apartment complex. The former Minister of Culture decided to resign rather than to bend over the pressure, protecting his reputation and integrity.
    This news shows the clash of two different behaviors. The former Minister of Culture was willing to sacrifice his position and protect his career than to submits to the pressure of other minister and approve a construction permit . On the other hand Mr. Geddel Vieira Lima was willing to use his position, pressuring The Minister to loose the requirements for his personal benefit not willing to submit to the decision made. The case is now escalating in the public opinion, as the society is defending the former Minister for not comply with the pressure. The President did not said anything publicly , but has requested that an Ethical Commitee to judge and rule about the situation.
    This shows that the team in the government officials, are not willing to compromise their own values for the personal gratification that they used to operate. The actual corruption scandal “Car Wash operation” is on the news for a long time and society is looking very close to the trials against corruption in the political realms in the Brazilian Government.
    For me it shows that some people are getting more aware of the situation and willing to step out and speak about the institutionalized corruption that takes place in the government areas of Brazil.
    I hope that this will trigger the society to be alert and put pressure before the politicians and bring them to accountability and to clean corruption so engrained in Brazilian culture.

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November 21, 2016 at 03:27PM
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