V is for vendetta

V is for vendetta

V is  for Vendetta
Is a movie based on a D.C. Comics novel.
The movie shows the battle between a fascist ruler and an anarchist seeking for revenge for suffering and torture he suffered in the hands of the system.
The story has the background of the gunpowder plot that took place on 1605 when a group of Catholics trIed to assassinate the King Jams by  blowing up the House of Lords with Gun Powder. 
One of the members was Guy Fawkes who was in charge to guard the power. He was tortured, charged guilty and condemned to death. The tentative was to take place on Nov 5th. Until this day in London is celebrated with fireworks. The mask used by V is inspired in Guy Fawkes’ face. 
The main character V is fighting against Fascist Establishment represented by the Chancellor, who rules a totalitarian regime that took place after a time of riots and confusion. The chancellor uses the media to lie pretending everything is fine and with him the population can live in peace in the comfort of their lives. But they cover the truth and build stories according to their version, to what is best for the regime.  
The V represents the resistance, and as he  portrays himself in the movie, he is not a real person, but an Idea. His character doesn’t have name or past, family , emotions, nothing, just a mask that hides his real identity. And he then convinces a girl from a working class to join him , who lost her parents as they were also against the regime. 
The way the movie makers portrays the story, the V is reference d to the Conde of Monte Christo, a person who was tortured and suffered and then returns as a n another person to bring revenge. 
The story of the movie brings the idea that the system around us is corrupted , the political power is lying, controlling and trying to manipulate the facts and present only wha tis interesting for them. The religious order, is portrayed as corrupt as the priest seeks pleasure with a child. One by one V performs a series of killing, always leaving a rose for each of its victims. 
The movie became a symbol of anarchism, and resistance before any established regime as considered oppressive and totalytarian. 
To me the message of the movie is to tell the population that they are being manipulated and the solution is to rebel and resist, trying to fight the establishment and begin a new era. The movement Occupy wall street,  protests agains the Church of Scientology and a hacker group called themselves Anonymous. 
Another theme that the movie addresses is the homosexualism portraying one of the items that the fascist government is fighting against. The film addresses that the regime is against them and persecuted and assassinated the people using them in an experiment to create a lethal virus. 
The main motivation for Vendetta is based on revenge, the desire to pay back and making the perpetrators to suffer and pay with their lives something that was done to somebody. The message is that the system will not rule in the favor of the population, therefore the people has to unite themselves and rebel in order to achieve a “new order”. 
There  is no reference to God nor to any spiritual subject, just as an expression: “Jesus”, “God” just out of verbal expressions but with no intention what soever to refer to a personal God. 
There is no room for forgiveness, just revenge and personal justification .
It’s all about man, using man to justify means with a greater good for the large amount of people. 

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November 17, 2016 at 04:40PM
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