Dutch Prisons are empty

Dutch Prisons are empty

The prison system in the Netherland is facing a very unusual situation: they are emptying for lack of prisoners. 
The Netherland is changing how they handle the crimes, the police is shifting their focus from truck usage to fighting human trafficking and terrorism. This way the number of people involved has diminished.
It also changes the sentences to be more focused in community services instead of incarceration. The prosecutors stay home with their families and keep their jobs, paying for their sentences. Their have shortened prison sentences and the crime rate has gone down. There fore the cell are becoming empty. 
Some of the prison facilities have been turned into temporary housing for immigrants. That has been interesting as the immigrants need a place to stay and the places are already build and ready to be used. 
For some of the immigrants, it’s kind of weird, but for some this is place with shelter and they can receive a minimal Dutch lessons and begin integration with the lifestyle as they come and live among the new lifestyle. 
As long as they are treated with dignity and not treated as prisoners by the society, I see this solution as a good model. 
The approach of changing the sentences, should be followed with a good program of rehabilitation. The fact that they are replacing incarceration to community services and to keep them with their families, avoid a rupture in the social structure of their own life, reducing the stress and the shock in the re adaptation to living in normal life. 
I would assume that it is also reducing the cost that the State has to expend with the prisoners, as they no longer has to be incarcerated without generating any income for themselves nor to the society. 
This way seems to a  better way to dealing with the people who commit crimes. 
Regarding the use of the prisons as a shelter for immigrants, seems to be a win win situation, as long as they threat the prisoners with respect and with dignity, that will enhance their adaptation. 
It seems to be a very good solution, as long as the temporary housing are not turned into a ghetto and they keep the facilities under control and under a dignified mode of living. If the Dutch authorities can continue to keep order and the environment of these communities in a positive way I see this model as a very interesting model to be learned and improved in order to repurpose the buildings. 
The Dutch prisons are turing into temporary housing for Immigrants. 

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November 13, 2016 at 06:43PM
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