Avatar is a movie that demonstrates the battle between 2 world views. 
The movie demonstrates the tension between 3 main groups of people: 
  1. the scientists – interested in learning about the ways of the native, their culture, their language, their understanding of the Planet Pandora. 
  2. the corporation/mercenaries looking to extract  Unobtainium a fictional source of energy that has great value back on earth. 
the mercenaries are  former military personel, now working to provide security and military and on the ground operations. Their final objective is to accomplish the goals for the sake of financial gratification. 
  1. The people native from Pandora, called  Omaticaya is the name of the native people of Pandora. The aliens have part human features, some animal, the movie portrays them as a community the people that resembles african tribes, film made them to look physically very similar to african tribes ,by their physical attributes and their tribal structure of their society. 

It’s very clear that the movie portrays the tension between a modern naturalist worldview held by the mercernaries and the corporate guys and on the other side, the animistic worldview of the Omaticaya. 
For the Corporate, everything that matters is the material resources of the planet. There is no consideration to anything spiritual. 

The chief – ruler, provides leadership and wisdom
Priest – role played by the woman – communicates with Eymia the sacred tree. 
Omaticaya – natives to the Pandora Planet, they behave and act like human beings, they have tails and thought their hair, they can connect and communicate with the other animals, flying birds, “horses”, even the tree. That’s a physical connection with their spirits, they communicate with the tree, with the animals throughout their hair. 

The corporation had given them schools medicine, they tried to civilize, the Omaticaya people. But they have a hidden agenda: have access to the rich mineral underneath the soil of the planet. 

The corporate is concert about their image before the public opinion back on Earth if they use violence and destroy the native culture. However, it’s clear that between the share holders and the public opinion, the corporate will favor the financial benefit of shareholders. They don’t really care about the locals. 
There is a sense of superiority and a pride in trusting technology and their power in their weapons in conquering Pandora. There is a very strong Colonialism mindset in the way they think of the native people. 
The scientists play a very interesting part of the movie, they are based on facts and experiments, but they are very aware and conscious of the native culture, trying to be as sensitive as possible, but without success. It’s unclear why Omaticaya were willing to  make contact with the scientist humans. 
The soldier Jake is “chosen” by the sacred tree as a “savior’ someone who has special powers to help the people to overcome the oppression and set them free from the years of colonialism. The movie portrays that the Tree Emya has a supernatural power to “know” things before hand. 
The deity is not personal, as it does not communicate with any sense of character, but through signs. Not verbal communication. 
The tree demonstrates that the Soldier Jake is welcomed and has a “Special favor”. 

The story also shows how cultural differences are portrayed and how colonialism operates, by infiltrating Jake among the Omaticaya to learn their ways, get their trust in order to get the information that was needed. 
Jake agrees to make the deal as he is promised a financial benefit to recover his movements. 
But something went wrong, the Character falls in love with the people and change sides. He then began to advocate for the people of Pandora but it’s too late, and the mercenaries are willing to conquer and destroy, breaking all the agreements. 

In the end, Jake breaks the trust of the Omaticaya people and is only able to gain it back because he conquers the Big Bird, showing them  the messianic sign of his super powers. 

In the end, the battle is won not by the technological military power, but by the natives. The people of the earth. 

The main message of the movie is trying to pass is that the mystic world is more powerfull and they must preserve native cultures, no reference is made to the Judeo-Chrsitian God but to a deity that is impersonal and all powerfull. 
The main worldview is more focused in new age, and the adherent of the scientists, showing that science is now looking for something else besides just raw observation/facts data but to incline and accept the power of the supernatural realm. 
This is very clear as the doctor is sent to the tree to be requested a try to resurrect without success. 

The movie was very successful, as the movie director used many new technologies in 3D to make it a new experience in the theater. 
This was my first 3d movie and I was really impressed with the visual effects. 

The story line is very interesting, but it’s interesting that the director wasn’t able to conceive any different worldview that is already present in the planet earth today. The aliens Omaticaya behave and act pretty much like a human animistic people group from Africa. 

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November 11, 2016 at 05:17PM
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