The subject of bioethics has never been on my radar… until this week. 
From Dr. Clem Persaud from Victoria Island was able to take me in a journey from conception to death and evaluate the Biblical understanding of every stage of life in the light of the scriptures. 
I was very challenged to learn the concepts of Embryo stem cells, adult stem cells, In Vitro Fertilization, Advances in Biotechnology, Embryo screening, Down syndrome, Euthanasia, Assitive Suicide, Transumanism, Abortion, Eugenics. 
Those are all byproduct of naturalistic worldview that removed any sort of spirituality from the primary reality. The merging of biology and technology are bringing new discussions to our society that weren’t aware before. 
To me one of the most impacting discussions was about the dignity of the embryo. As we learned about the definition of human being and the beginning of human life, I was able to understand that an embryo, is actually a human being possessing all the qualities and characteristics of a full person. It’s  just in a very early stage and therefore with not all the elements grow yet. 
But it’s there. This is a person, with the DNA formed and combined after the fecundation of a sperm with a ovule. In God’s heart it is a person, ready to be developed into a baby. But for some reason, it never occurred to me that this group of cells, is actually an individual and possesses all the sanctities of life that any other human being possesses. 
What we’re seeing today in our society is that these subjects are being discussed and passed along with not much engagement from the Faith Community people. The majority of people dealing in the Ethics committee of the universities and government agencies does not carry necessary the understanding of the Biblical Worldview. And in the majority of cases have a very secular humanistic worldview. 
These are the people working in defining policies and laws that are ruling over these subjects. 
I had also the chance to read and understand more about Roe x Wade, the case that ruled on the Supreme Court of the United States of America and in 1973 defined that abortion was an issue between the privacy of the pregnant woman and the doctor, removing from the state, the ruling over the cases where the mother would like to interrupt the pregnancy at 1st trimester. 
It was very eye opening to me to learn that this ruling was sponsored and supported by groups of people with the Eugenics ideology, feminist groups who were trying to convince the public opinion that abortion was a good thing for giving favor towards the mother, not the baby. 
I was particularly excited to learn that Norma McCorvey, the lady that was behind the name Jane Roe from the case Roe vs Wade had become a born again Christian and is now advocating to end abortion. 
This lady was used as a guinea piggy back in 1973 for the purpose of ruling the case on the suppreme court to rule in favor of abortion. 
She was living in difficult situations and got herself pregnant for the 3rd time and was used as a case to rule the case. She then went to work on an abortion clinic. During this time she became a born again christian and then began to advocate agains the abortion. 
To me this shows that there is hope. It also shows the darkness and the deep of influence that the culture of abortion has promoted in the United States. 
At the root of all this, the theory that not everybody has the same value, that some people should die (like people with Down Syndrome) and people has the right to die whenever they decide gave me more understand in these very difficult subjects but with the framework of the Biblical worldview I was able to see that Life is Sacred and we must pursue the preservation of life and the engagement for those who can’t speak for themselves. 

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November 04, 2016 at 02:36PM
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