Me Before You

Me Before You

The movie tells the story of a man who become quadriplegic and has very limited life activities and living with excruciating pain and then  very joyful young girl who is in desperate need of a job is hired to take care of him. 
The story evolves around these two and his to end his life in an euthanasia clinic in Switzerland and was based on a book by a British writer Jojo Moyes
The main character used to be a very active person, with strong identity based on his achievement and his freedom in doing radical sports. There is no mention of any religious belief in the main character. The only time happens when the matter is discussed among the girls’ family. They seem to have a more conservative approach to the subject and towards the end of the movie there is a hint of hope that he may chang his mind. But it doesn’t happen. 
The movie presents the subject in a very subtle way and makes the audience feel that this is the right thing to do. This is not an easy matter but the movie makes a very straight point on the subject.
Thinking of the patient side, where a lot of pain and discomfort happens, with a very limited life, depending on everybody to do everything, it may sound easier and better for everyone to end life.  
However as the subject says, it’s a very selfish way to solve the problem. The guy finds a way to fix by himself, portraying the idea of being autonomous, not willing to depend on nobody but himself. 
Not even depending from God. 
The main tension point of the movie happens because the girl has the idea that if she makes him fall in love for her he would then change his mind. 
But it never happens.
She is wrong thinking that she can make him change his mind. 
For her finding inspiration and excitement of doing different things may give him hope. 
But in the end of the day all that she was able to do, is to help him find joy in leaving someone behind and even helping her to have a second chance. 
The story makes you think that her joy and vivacity is changing his heart. But it is not. His idea is fixed in the object of ending his life, his own suffering with no regrets of who is leaving behind or what his decision will affect his own family and friends around him. 
He is centered in his own suffering, self pity and pride. Not humbling to admit that needs help. Not willing to admit that he has to accept what happened and learn to live with that. 
The mindset of the book portrays very much the ideology of today’s society. Where achievement and success is framed to what you can do in life or to be “free” and wild doing extreme sports. 
The idea that experiencing today now, no matter the consequences for the future. No matter who you fire. 
The movie made a good work in numbing our senses before they present the high subject of euthanasia making it to sound easy. 
Personally I would assume that in real life, when someone would agree with that, it is still considered murder and therefore would not be part of this. The hesitation and controversial would be way more intense than the movie portrays. 
With my religious beliefs, I would  take this as a divine opportunity to learn how to trust and to cope with my own limitations. Now I must admit that I’m not on his shoes and therefore this is not something that i can say that I experience myself, but I would advocate for the sanctity of life and nobody including myself have the right to end life until an external more superior force determines. 

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November 03, 2016 at 03:54PM
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