Unesco Releases Draft Ignorign Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

Unesco Releases Draft Ignorign Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

Unesco released A draft decision submitted by Arab Countries where they criticize Israel’s activities at holy places in Jerusalem only refer to the Old City of Jerusalem and it’s Walls only by their Arab Names. 
The jews felt offended that it was not mentioned the jewish names for the sites by saying that UNESCO ignored Jewish presence in History and in retaliation cut the cooperation with UNESCO in other different areas. 
The Unesco Chieve Irina Bokova criticized the resolution by saying that different names must be used by recognition and to respect other cultures.
The Draft resolution received 24 votes in favor, 6 against and 26 abstentions. 
Two countries are absent. 
This issue addresses a very long dispute between arabs and jews for the land of Israel. 
The drafts seems to be intentionally ignoring the references of Jewish connection in the sites by not mentioning it. Provoking an unnecessary argument. 
The presence of Jews dates back to the times of Abraham, when In the Bible God told Abraham to find land that He would give to him as a promise land. 
Since then, the Abrahms son Isaac descendants have been claiming their possession of the land. 
This seems to be a fight between two brothers fighting for their inheritance. A family dispute of heirs. Both Isaac (the patriarch of the Jews) and Ismael (the patriarch of Muslins) are sons of Abraham and the Biblical texts mentions promises for both sons. 
The Jews claim from the Biblical Text that the land belongs to them from God’s Word. 
The Arabs claim that the land belongs to them as they were there before and they should have access to these areas as it ’s considered sacred land for their religion. 
Christians also consider these geographical areas as they consider the historical sites for Christianity. 
The document expresses the fact that the areas are considered sacred for the three monotheistic religions. 
But the hate and the dispute are real and it’s rooted in very deep wound from the past in both communities, Jews and Arabs. Each claiming they right and their inheritance to the sites. 
Is there a way to conciliate the hate and anger between each other ? 
Is there a middle ground where they can meet and discuss their differences without any biased moderators ? 
In the end of the day is a family matter and peace will come when each side choose acceptance instead of rejection, choose collaboration in stead of confrontation, choose unity instead of disunity. 
The challenge is to find common ground where they both can celebrate their commonalities and despise their differences. 
There has to be  a desire to find peace and cease confrontation. 
After so many years of dispute and rage there may be a desire in both groups of an area of reconciliation where both communities can come together to restore relationships and bring restoration. 
The Biblical text also tells the story of a family dispute between Isaac’s  descendants (Abraham’s great grandsons) the 12 sons of Jacob. They hated their younger son Joseph to the point that they sold him as slave and told their father he had died. 
Later in life, when Joseph was then found his life turned upside down when he became the head of the whole land of Egypt being submissive only to Pharaoh. At that point his brothers came to search for help in the land of Egypt and Joseph showed them mercy and reconciliation. 
After years of separation, the resentment gave room for forgiveness and hate was replaced by love. After a process of going back and forth in his emotions. Joseph finally reveal to his brothers about his true identity and that gave the sons of Jacob the opportunity to come to Egypy and be there under the time of famine and live under the protection of Egyptian Pharaoh. 
This story tells that it is possible to find peace in family disputes. 
It’s possible to replace hate with love and reconciliation and restoration rather than dispute and breaking of relationships. 
Draft Resolution from Unesco http://ift.tt/2ekgMKB

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October 19, 2016 at 12:52AM
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