Delta Airlines discriminate doctors for their skin color

Delta Airlines discriminate doctors for their skin color

This week on a flight from delta airlines there was a case of color discrimination. 
Dr Tamika Cross was on  a flight from Detroit to Houston when she saw a man in need of medical assistant. She offers herself to help when the Flight Attendants announced but was asked to show her credentials and asked where did she work and why was he in the destination. 
Dr. Cross later turn the story public on Facebook and it created enough heat on social media to have many people talking about this and also other people sharing about their own experiences. 
Delta airline is saying is investigating the case.
Later the attendant apologize and offered her sky miles which she kindly refused.
The botton line is that the Flight Attendant didn’t believe that Dr. Cross was actually a physician. This episode shows that the flight attendant believes that a black woman cannot  be a physician. 
In her mindset, a white man fits best the description of what it really mean to be a physician. 
This case is bringing the subject into attention and because of social media, the situation cannot be hidden or pushed under the carpet.  Even though the Company Delta Airlines is saying that discrimination does not reflect the culture of the company, the personal belief of their personnel on the spot may not reflect that. 
It is very sad that black people had to go through that in our times. 
Particularly in the US where it has been given so much space and opportunity for the Black Community. 
It’s sad that they have to endure with these humiliating situations. But still thought Social media they are able to voice their experiences and share their stories, without the filter of big media companies or even the lenses of the corporate world. 
By posting on Facebook and make it available, the Dr. Was able to bring this subject into the light and raising their voice in the midsts of all prejudice of the american society. 

October 16, 2016 at 01:20PM
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