Brazil Judge Orders Trial for Brazilian Former President

Brazil Judge Orders Trial for Brazilian Former President

The former brazilian president Luiz Ignácio Lula da Silva has been accused for money laundering, influence peddling and conspiracy. 
If he found guilty may spend 35 years in prison. 
He has other 2 cases of federal cases. 
His defense lawyers continually state that Mr. Silva is innocent and has bee victim of persecution from the Elite. 
The former chief executive of the  largest Brazilian construction company Marcelo Odebrecht is in prison and is collaborating with the trials against Mr. Silva as being part of one of the larges  corruption scheme in Brazilian history. 
Mr. Odebrecht is being in prison for  more than a year now for being involved in the corruption of Petrobras. 
The Former Brazilian President considers himself  innocent and for many of his supporters he’s been persecuted by the elite who does not accept the fact that being from a lower class he could be rolling the country. 
However it’s very clear that their supporters are in self denial or don’t seem to bother the fact that Mr. Silva used his position of authority and privileged information to allow the corruption scheme to enrich himself from the brazilian government paid by the Construction Company. 
Mr. Lula believes that he is above the law not holding himself accountable to this actions.
It’s very clear that he is playing the victim and not willing to take responsibility to any wrongdoing in this process.
Meanwhile the brazilian prosecutors are having to build a case to create enough evidences that Mr. Lula has in fact used his influence to enrich himself and to use the Brazilian government to pay extra money to the construction company in order to receive bribery in gratification to “favoritism” in construction projects. 
Mr. Silva sees the government money as his personal money as he considers himself part of the state. 
To him there is no difference between the public money from the government and the private money going to his own bank account.. 
Public an private has a blurred line when it comes to the use of financial resources. 
Some of the accusations that Mr. Silva has been charged takes into an account on an apartment that was paid from the construction company for his personal usage as “bribery” to his favors wishing the contracts. 
The prosecutors are trying to find the evidence that Mr. Silva crossed the boundaries of public x private line and then prove his involvement in the corruption scandal. 

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October 16, 2016 at 04:57PM
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