God at work in History

This week we’ve been having lessons with Ed Sherman on History.
Back in school I hated history. I just couldn’t keep up with the facts. Just listening to the teaching telling stories about what happened in the past, it didn’t make any sense to me.
I was very good with numbers, physics, chemistry. When everybody else struggled with theorems in Math I was good. But to me History was more of a memorization of facts. Without many sense.
As I began to travel, then out of a sudden, knowing history, helped me understand the present. Understanding why this building was erected, or why this country uses this side of the road to drive. History made more sense.
Today I live in Hawaii, and knowing the history of this place made me understand more about the current present.
But before, back in school history was just a succession of facts that happened.
And this week I was able to learn a perspective of God in History. God is at work in History. By studying history we can learn what things happened and why. But more than that, we can see that God is moving and doing things. He is not silent, he is not dead. He uses nations sociopolitical systems, to promote nations, to make justice, to reward those who are faithful and to bring judgement to those who are unfaithful.
The history of the church and how God is on the move within the church is a great example of that. Even when the church is doing evil or being corrupted, assaulted by people with bad intentions,  God in his amazing mercy and grace, will do all he can for the sake of his children and to bring justice to his creation.
I am amazed to see the courage and the commitment that men and women took through history to make sure God’s kingdom is stablished or their personal commitments from very person al encounters with the Living God took them to the extreme of suffering and endurance to take God’s word to places where nobody would guess and see the small mustard seed be planted and produce so much fruit.
I was particularly encouraged by the celtic church in Ireland and how the missions strategy that Patrick used to encapsulate the message of the Gospel wishing the celtic culture, working towards the redemption of their culture but also to the embodiment of the Word of God to move the message forward to other nations as well, when Celtic church sent Missionaries to schotland and later to England.
The message of the Gospel is made to produce fruit. It was not made to go somewhere and die. But the message of the bible is like a seed, it has embedded in itself the components to produce transformation and to produce multiplication in itself.

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