Fruit of Christ in our life

Fruit of Christ in our life

“The Authenticity of Christian virtue is validated by our relationship with the Poor. “ (Chris Heuertz)

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October 19, 2016 at 11:36AM
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Unesco Releases Draft Ignorign Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

Unesco Releases Draft Ignorign Jewish Ties to Jerusalem

Unesco released A draft decision submitted by Arab Countries where they criticize Israel’s activities at holy places in Jerusalem only refer to the Old City of Jerusalem and it’s Walls only by their Arab Names. 
The jews felt offended that it was not mentioned the jewish names for the sites by saying that UNESCO ignored Jewish presence in History and in retaliation cut the cooperation with UNESCO in other different areas. 
The Unesco Chieve Irina Bokova criticized the resolution by saying that different names must be used by recognition and to respect other cultures.
The Draft resolution received 24 votes in favor, 6 against and 26 abstentions. 
Two countries are absent. 
This issue addresses a very long dispute between arabs and jews for the land of Israel. 
The drafts seems to be intentionally ignoring the references of Jewish connection in the sites by not mentioning it. Provoking an unnecessary argument. 
The presence of Jews dates back to the times of Abraham, when In the Bible God told Abraham to find land that He would give to him as a promise land. 
Since then, the Abrahms son Isaac descendants have been claiming their possession of the land. 
This seems to be a fight between two brothers fighting for their inheritance. A family dispute of heirs. Both Isaac (the patriarch of the Jews) and Ismael (the patriarch of Muslins) are sons of Abraham and the Biblical texts mentions promises for both sons. 
The Jews claim from the Biblical Text that the land belongs to them from God’s Word. 
The Arabs claim that the land belongs to them as they were there before and they should have access to these areas as it ’s considered sacred land for their religion. 
Christians also consider these geographical areas as they consider the historical sites for Christianity. 
The document expresses the fact that the areas are considered sacred for the three monotheistic religions. 
But the hate and the dispute are real and it’s rooted in very deep wound from the past in both communities, Jews and Arabs. Each claiming they right and their inheritance to the sites. 
Is there a way to conciliate the hate and anger between each other ? 
Is there a middle ground where they can meet and discuss their differences without any biased moderators ? 
In the end of the day is a family matter and peace will come when each side choose acceptance instead of rejection, choose collaboration in stead of confrontation, choose unity instead of disunity. 
The challenge is to find common ground where they both can celebrate their commonalities and despise their differences. 
There has to be  a desire to find peace and cease confrontation. 
After so many years of dispute and rage there may be a desire in both groups of an area of reconciliation where both communities can come together to restore relationships and bring restoration. 
The Biblical text also tells the story of a family dispute between Isaac’s  descendants (Abraham’s great grandsons) the 12 sons of Jacob. They hated their younger son Joseph to the point that they sold him as slave and told their father he had died. 
Later in life, when Joseph was then found his life turned upside down when he became the head of the whole land of Egypt being submissive only to Pharaoh. At that point his brothers came to search for help in the land of Egypt and Joseph showed them mercy and reconciliation. 
After years of separation, the resentment gave room for forgiveness and hate was replaced by love. After a process of going back and forth in his emotions. Joseph finally reveal to his brothers about his true identity and that gave the sons of Jacob the opportunity to come to Egypy and be there under the time of famine and live under the protection of Egyptian Pharaoh. 
This story tells that it is possible to find peace in family disputes. 
It’s possible to replace hate with love and reconciliation and restoration rather than dispute and breaking of relationships. 
Draft Resolution from Unesco

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October 19, 2016 at 12:52AM
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Hell – tribute to freedom

Hell – tribute to freedom

Hell is God’s tribute to the freedom he gave each of us to choose whom we would serve; it is a recognition  that our decision have significance that extends far down into the reaches of foreverness. 
(The universe Next Door  – James Sire Chapter 2 pg 41)

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October 17, 2016 at 05:57PM
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Brazil Judge Orders Trial for Brazilian Former President

Brazil Judge Orders Trial for Brazilian Former President

The former brazilian president Luiz Ignácio Lula da Silva has been accused for money laundering, influence peddling and conspiracy. 
If he found guilty may spend 35 years in prison. 
He has other 2 cases of federal cases. 
His defense lawyers continually state that Mr. Silva is innocent and has bee victim of persecution from the Elite. 
The former chief executive of the  largest Brazilian construction company Marcelo Odebrecht is in prison and is collaborating with the trials against Mr. Silva as being part of one of the larges  corruption scheme in Brazilian history. 
Mr. Odebrecht is being in prison for  more than a year now for being involved in the corruption of Petrobras. 
The Former Brazilian President considers himself  innocent and for many of his supporters he’s been persecuted by the elite who does not accept the fact that being from a lower class he could be rolling the country. 
However it’s very clear that their supporters are in self denial or don’t seem to bother the fact that Mr. Silva used his position of authority and privileged information to allow the corruption scheme to enrich himself from the brazilian government paid by the Construction Company. 
Mr. Lula believes that he is above the law not holding himself accountable to this actions.
It’s very clear that he is playing the victim and not willing to take responsibility to any wrongdoing in this process.
Meanwhile the brazilian prosecutors are having to build a case to create enough evidences that Mr. Lula has in fact used his influence to enrich himself and to use the Brazilian government to pay extra money to the construction company in order to receive bribery in gratification to “favoritism” in construction projects. 
Mr. Silva sees the government money as his personal money as he considers himself part of the state. 
To him there is no difference between the public money from the government and the private money going to his own bank account.. 
Public an private has a blurred line when it comes to the use of financial resources. 
Some of the accusations that Mr. Silva has been charged takes into an account on an apartment that was paid from the construction company for his personal usage as “bribery” to his favors wishing the contracts. 
The prosecutors are trying to find the evidence that Mr. Silva crossed the boundaries of public x private line and then prove his involvement in the corruption scandal. 

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October 16, 2016 at 04:57PM
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Delta Airlines discriminate doctors for their skin color

Delta Airlines discriminate doctors for their skin color

This week on a flight from delta airlines there was a case of color discrimination. 
Dr Tamika Cross was on  a flight from Detroit to Houston when she saw a man in need of medical assistant. She offers herself to help when the Flight Attendants announced but was asked to show her credentials and asked where did she work and why was he in the destination. 
Dr. Cross later turn the story public on Facebook and it created enough heat on social media to have many people talking about this and also other people sharing about their own experiences. 
Delta airline is saying is investigating the case.
Later the attendant apologize and offered her sky miles which she kindly refused.
The botton line is that the Flight Attendant didn’t believe that Dr. Cross was actually a physician. This episode shows that the flight attendant believes that a black woman cannot  be a physician. 
In her mindset, a white man fits best the description of what it really mean to be a physician. 
This case is bringing the subject into attention and because of social media, the situation cannot be hidden or pushed under the carpet.  Even though the Company Delta Airlines is saying that discrimination does not reflect the culture of the company, the personal belief of their personnel on the spot may not reflect that. 
It is very sad that black people had to go through that in our times. 
Particularly in the US where it has been given so much space and opportunity for the Black Community. 
It’s sad that they have to endure with these humiliating situations. But still thought Social media they are able to voice their experiences and share their stories, without the filter of big media companies or even the lenses of the corporate world. 
By posting on Facebook and make it available, the Dr. Was able to bring this subject into the light and raising their voice in the midsts of all prejudice of the american society. 

October 16, 2016 at 01:20PM
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God at work in History

This week we’ve been having lessons with Ed Sherman on History.
Back in school I hated history. I just couldn’t keep up with the facts. Just listening to the teaching telling stories about what happened in the past, it didn’t make any sense to me.
I was very good with numbers, physics, chemistry. When everybody else struggled with theorems in Math I was good. But to me History was more of a memorization of facts. Without many sense.
As I began to travel, then out of a sudden, knowing history, helped me understand the present. Understanding why this building was erected, or why this country uses this side of the road to drive. History made more sense.
Today I live in Hawaii, and knowing the history of this place made me understand more about the current present.
But before, back in school history was just a succession of facts that happened.
And this week I was able to learn a perspective of God in History. God is at work in History. By studying history we can learn what things happened and why. But more than that, we can see that God is moving and doing things. He is not silent, he is not dead. He uses nations sociopolitical systems, to promote nations, to make justice, to reward those who are faithful and to bring judgement to those who are unfaithful.
The history of the church and how God is on the move within the church is a great example of that. Even when the church is doing evil or being corrupted, assaulted by people with bad intentions,  God in his amazing mercy and grace, will do all he can for the sake of his children and to bring justice to his creation.
I am amazed to see the courage and the commitment that men and women took through history to make sure God’s kingdom is stablished or their personal commitments from very person al encounters with the Living God took them to the extreme of suffering and endurance to take God’s word to places where nobody would guess and see the small mustard seed be planted and produce so much fruit.
I was particularly encouraged by the celtic church in Ireland and how the missions strategy that Patrick used to encapsulate the message of the Gospel wishing the celtic culture, working towards the redemption of their culture but also to the embodiment of the Word of God to move the message forward to other nations as well, when Celtic church sent Missionaries to schotland and later to England.
The message of the Gospel is made to produce fruit. It was not made to go somewhere and die. But the message of the bible is like a seed, it has embedded in itself the components to produce transformation and to produce multiplication in itself.

KJB -The book that Changed the World

This documentary explores the origins and the political and historical context of the one of the most important documents that transformed much of the western world.
The Kings James Bible.
The origins of King James I who was raised by a protestant Tutor that challenged him and trained him in the most depth of the knowledge of the Word of God. The protestant roots of his learning and understanding and the distinctive work of art that the scholars put into the translation and the development of the King James Bible.
To me it was interesting to know that this wise young king saw himself as appointed by God to serve his nation. But also how he saw the unfolding of GOd’s plan to combine and unify a divined nation under the very symbol of the religion that they all agree on : The Word of God.
The project brought together two distinctive religious groups, the puritans who used the geneva bible, and the Church of England that used the Bishops Bible. Under the King’s supervision the two groups were forced to work together and to produce a document that would later symbolize the unity of a nation.
The documentary also addresses how the third group the Catholics were trying to stop and destroy all the process through a terrorist attack, but was stopped by the personal conviction of one of the participant of the plan to kill the entire kingdom leadership.
To me the most impacting moment of the document, was when the King James reads the preface
“Translation that opens the window to let in the light that removes the cover of the well that we may come to the water.
The well, the water, the water of life the leaves for the healing of a nation. “
It reminded me the verse in Revelations:
In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.
Revelations 22:2

Life and Death Human Dillemas in the Light of the Christian faith by John Wyatt

img_6516This book addresses some interesting points of our world today.

Technology is making possible the achievements of science that weren’t possible few year back.

Medical Ethics  is a subject that is more and more in the light of the spotlights.

Should people be allowed to commit suicide ?
Can people terminate their own life ?

Should doctors decide wether someone should live or not ?

Should someone be kept alive against their will ?

Should someone be put to death agains their will?

WHo has the autority and power to decide who shall live, who shall die ? Are we playing God?

Insurance companies should rule over what treatnemtns are allowed for patients ?