An Atheist is leading the United Church of Canada

Rev. Gretta Voster is a declared Atheist. She is also the Ordained minister of the United Church of Canada.

She has very liberal positions, and eventually she rejected the idea of God and declared herself as an Atheist. Her preaching is focused on values, including justice, compassion and love.

The biggest question is where does her values comes from ? Justice, Compassion, Love.

Can these values exist without the Christian God ?

Did these values evolved from Atheistic Societies ?

Please share your thoughts.


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What the heck is a worldview ?

There are many different definitions, some are more sophisticated than others, but basically in a nutshell, worldview is how you understand and see the world.
What makes sense to you of the world you see.
The way you understand how things work.
That’s it.
And it all comes down to some concepts and understandings that you have that helps your mind understand what is happening around you.